A new age of hopes and doubts

Masks, social distancing and hand sanitizers have taken over.

In an age where a deadly virus is meandering in our streets and in our homes, we all are called upon to act responsibly to help prevent this emergency from worsening.

We returned to a familiar, house-like environment; but where everything is now new and different: our actions have to face insurmountable barriers before actually taking place.

Nostalgia, fear and doubts are lingering in every student’s mind, but also a great hope to regain the privileges we lost. The inability to touch others, to hug your friends, to stay near them and to physically interact with them seems to have changed the face of our present and determined the one of our future, always increasing the distances among people. 

But now we are actually closer than ever, by keeping the distances.


Simone Saccani

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