Have you ever craved something and got frustrated for not being able to buy it due to the high price?
Well…brace yourselves because this is the week that brings us to the Black Friday, the Friday of the year we all know because of the crazy sales on thousands and thousands of products!

Black Friday is an American anniversary that takes place on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day when stores open early and offer various sales.

But…why black? You may be interested to hear that it is because the stores are “in the black” on that day. This means that they are profitable, in fact, accountants use “black” to signify profit and red to indicate a loss. Black Friday is significant because it brings benefits to both the companies and the customers, especially in this pandemic period where this day assumes greater importance.
In fact, as we said before, during Black Friday prices drop down and it is easy to understand benefits for consumers. What is interesting is that from the businesses’ point of view, this is not only a perfect strategy to attract as many customers as possible: it is also a perfect opportunity to refresh inventory, raise liquidity quickly and…why not? Invest in new equipment.
What about us? Black Friday has become a simple pretext to buy the latest product released on the market or simply to start buying Christmas presents.

So…what are you waiting for? All you have to do is to surf online on November 27th and let yourself be carried away by prices never seen before! See you there!

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