An eye to the future

The job’s world is constantly changing and it’s always difficult for teenagers and graduates to find a well paid and satisfactory job.
A few weeks ago we, as a class, had the opportunity to join an online event organised by Smart Future Academy.
Smart Future Academy is an association who has a purpose to bring students closer to the work of the real world. On that occasion, we had the opportunity to hear the testimony of the people who, in different ways, have created a job opportunity for themselves and/or for others.


The first speaker was the world record breaker Umberto Pellizzari, who holds records in all freediving disciplines. Umberto has always had a passion for freediving; having passion for what you do is fundamental, he says, because thanks to passion you can overcome the most difficult moments in which you risk giving up.

Stefania Bollati, from Davines spa, also spoke explaining, from a technical and scientific point of view, that imagination and creativity are very important to build our professional future.

Cristian Fracassi was a clear example of how technical expertise is essential; in fact he is the one who succeeded, during the first wave of the current pandemic, in turning diving masks into respirators that are now used massively by hospitals around the world . Cristian said that, in addition to having ideas, you must also have the strength and courage to realize them so that they don’t just remain thoughts.

Nicola Beltrami, president of the Parmigiano-Reggiano consortium, focussed on the importance of having a dream and transforming it into a goal.

The Carabinieri Corps commander in Parma, Mr Toscani told how joining the Carabinieri was his dream since he was a child and how, despite family difficulties, he made that dream come true.

He has worked in “difficult” areas of Italy, learning that things that may be trivial for us are important to others and therefore not to take anything for granted.

Chiara and Jago who work in the culture, seriously damaged by the current crisis spoke reiterating how the passion for their work is driving us not to stop but continue.

What did we learn? Passion, imagination, dreams and procrastination are essential if you want to reach your goals and make the difference for yourself or for the others.


Pietro Fornari

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