United but distant

At last, after almost seven months of lockdown and summer holidays, students came back to school.

It was a really strong emotion to be able to see the classmates and friends after having seen them for a long time behind a screen.  Being able to hear their voices without the clanging sound of the computer audio, being able to see clearly the features of their faces and feeling their physical presences near to you is a wonderful thing. After having stayed home alone and having done distance learning, being together and relatively close among the school desks fills the heart with joy.

Although this, there are some challenges. The first impulse when you see a person you miss, is to go and hug her, to stay next to her and to talk a lot. During this difficult year, we must keep distance between our friends and wear masks if we are next to them. I think a lot of students miss hugs after a bad test, high-fives when they do something good and to see and give smiles…


Another issue is to stay in class, not to go out in the corridors and talk with people and above all during the break, in fact, students must stay in class and they mustn’t exchange snaks: it is really hard!

In conclusion, this school year will be difficult, but with the diligence of all we will live it to the fullest.

Artoni Greta

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