Change is growth: How new beginnings can make you happier

We can start again countless times in our life: a new friend, a new house, a new day… Everyone has their own goals in life and new beginnings are a way to achieve them.Unluckily this year new beginnings seem impossible; the pandemic has created a general feeling of grief and has obviously stopped the majority of companies and businesses activities.It is dangerous to decide to leave a sheltered workplace for an uncertain future and not everybody is ready to take such a risk.We have numerous evidence of how challenging a drastic change can be but, to be happier and have the life we were dreaming of, it is fundamental to embrace it if a new opportunity crosses our path.

Now that most social contacts are online by using Zoom and Meet, the cardinal process of being trained and introduced to your colleagues has changed and it might be seen as impersonal and extremely distant by the new employee. A worker that does not feel part of the workforce can reduce the business’ productivity, therefore it is necessary for the directors to create a welcoming environment despite the difficult circumstances. Learning about your brand new role and team through a computer screen is tough but talking with the people you work with is decisive in order to avoid lack of communication.

If you have  never experienced a first day of work, put yourself in a new student’s shoes; we can all easily remember the fear of not being noticed and the desire to impress our new classmates. First impressions are important because they will last beyond the moment and meeting people you are going to spend most of your time with through a screen is really far from how you have imagined an important new beginning. The joy of being introduced to new friends is replaced by the fear of a bad internet connection and the evenings usually spent with your loved ones are now an occasion to watch tv series and read books alone in your bedroom.

Even though the pandemic has changed our lifestyles, I believe that looking for a silver lining and trying to live a normal life as much as possible is crucial. Write down a daily schedule or a to-do list, ask for your boss’ priorities and deadlines and have a chat with your co-workers about how you will work together.

If you have not yet considered new projects, new directions to go forward in this modern world, now is the time. Change is growth and growth makes you feel accomplished and energized, it makes you better at your job and it helps keep your mind sharp.

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