First days back to school: social and emotional issues

Coronavirus’s outbreak continues to disrupt global supply chains and financial markets.

Firstly it has impacted stock markets, in fact central banks in many countries cut interest rates in order to make borrowing cheaper and encourage spending to increase the economy. 

Secondly unemployment rates have increased across major economies because a lot of people have lost their jobs or seen their incomes cut due to the coronavirus crisis.

Because of that many countries introduced travel restrictions to try to contain the virus and  the travel industry has been badly damaged, with airlines cutting flights and customers cancelling business trips and holidays. 

On the other hand, the pandemic has led to the growth of pharmaceutical companies because Governments around the world have promised billions of dollars for a Covid-19 vaccine and treatment options. In fact a lot of pharmaceutical firms are in a race to develop and test potential drugs that could help nations get back to “normal”.

 Bianca Maria Del Monte



On Monday 14 September 2020, almost all the Italian students went back to school, this time, however, no longer on a screen, but luckily in the classroom sitting on a chair and with their legs under the desk.

But…the return to school was not so easy due to certain complications, both from a social and a psychological point of view.

The first problem is about the social distancing of at least 1 meter between the students interacting at school, in order to reduce the spread of COVID 19. 

In fact, in Italy, many schools do not have enough physical space to allow social distancing, so the students must wear the mask for the entire school day.

This could make students feel more tired and less concentrated.

Fortunately, that is not in our school where social distancing is really well practiced: student’s desks and common seating spaces have been duly rearranged; we avoid the use of shared or community spaces and the school is very serious in limiting the entry of visitors.

This makes students to feel safer and helps to improve the performance and the student’s mood.

Another big problem is about public transportation services.

In fact, every day hundreds of students take the bus to reach the school, but, due to a low number of buses, these students find themselves herded in the same bus thereby increasing the risk of contagion.

Our school studied a way to help in minimizing the risk: once a week, each class, in turn, will stay at home engaged in distance learning.

We do hope to get back to normal soon…

Bella Giorgio 4G



At last, after almost seven months of lockdown and summer holidays, students came back to school.     

It was a really great emotion to be able to see the classmates and friends after having seen them for a long time behind a screen.  Being able to hear their voices without the clanging sound of the computer audio, being able to see clearly the features of their faces and feeling their physical presences near to you is a wonderful thing. After having stayed home alone and having done distance learning, being together and relatively close among the school desks fills the heart with joy.

Although this, there are some challenges. The first impulse when you see a person you miss, is to go and hug her, to stay next to her and to talk a lot. During this difficult year, we must keep distance between our friends and wear masks if we are next to them. I think a lot of students miss hugs after a bad test, high-fives when they do something good and to see and give smiles…                                                                                                                                           Another issue is to stay in class, not to go out in the corridors and talk with people and above all the break: students must stay in class and they mustn’t exchange snaks: it is really hard!

In conclusion, this school year will be difficult, but with the diligence of all we will live it to the fullest.Artoni Greta 3^G

Artoni Greta 3G


Masks, social distancing and hand sanitizers have taken over.

In an age where a deadly virus is meandering in our streets and in our homes, we all are called upon to act responsibly to help prevent this emergency from worsening.

We returned to a familiar, house-like environment; but where everything is now new and different: our actions have to face insurmountable barriers before actually taking place.

Nostalgia, fear and doubts are lingering in every student’s mind, but also a great hope to regain the privileges we lost. The inability to touch others, to hug your friends, to stay near them and to physically interact with them seems to have changed the face of our present and determined the one of our future, always increasing the distances among people. 

But now we are actually closer than ever, by keeping the distances.

Saccani Simone 4F


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