Poem about life in quarantine

Growing up in this age
Full of joy and pain

I know these past months have been hard
Especially cause we were caught off guard

But hope is always the right choice
Even when you don’t hear its voice

When this is all over
We’ll have a lovely sleepover

Lastly, I’d like to thank the excellent medical team
That’s saving our life as in a dream…

Irene Grande 2F




I’d like to go out like before
because I’m feeling so alone,
I can’t resist anymore,
I’d like to get out of the redzone.
I’d like to do something I adore,
I don’t wanna be just on the phone,
I just wanna do something more
because I’m feeling so alone.
In these days I’m like a prisoner,
my emotions are mixed
and I can’t wait
to see my friends again.
I have never been a loner,
I wanna come back to the life
that I’ve always lived.
I live as if I had a chain
that is attached to my chair,
I just wanna go out
to breathe the air.

Alessandro Michi 3F


I stay

I stay here
I still near

I stay home
I still close

I stay elsewhere
I still way there

I stay in my room
I still see the bloom

Agnese Bandini 3F


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